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Friday, 22 September 2017

BEST Way to Start a Successful Google Adwords Campaign

How can I create an effective PPC campaign?

Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising that bring instant and qualified traffic to your website, that further increases your conversion rate. PPC plays a significant role in determining the online success of your business. Moreover, PPC has become so efficient that the experts have started recommending it as an efficient platform for online advertising.

Owing to this popularity, more and more people have started connecting with it. Some of them witness instant success with PPC while the other takes little time due to not having enough experience or maybe they make common mistakes in PPC.

successful campaign in adwords

To make your PPC Campaigns effective and profitable, you have to make sure that follow the tips that are given below.

(i) Have a Proper Goal:

The very first thing that you need to do to make your PPC Campaign highly effective is to set a proper goal. When you set a proper goal for your PPC Campaign, it becomes much easier for you to make strategies to achieve that particular goal. Having a proper goal is important as it will help you to drive the PPC campaigns effectively.

Have a clear view of where your business currently is and where do you want to take it in the near future. Also while planning strategies and techniques for your PPC Campaigns, keep the campaign objective in mind.

Your Campaign goal can be anything, from generating lead to increased sales or even creating brand awareness for your business. In a nutshell, having a proper goal for your PPC Campaigns acts like a roadmap that you need to follow to make your journey easy and to make sure that you achieve your objective at the right time.

(ii) Conduct Keyword Research and Organize a Keyword List:

Keywords are the building blocks of your PPC Campaigns. The keywords that you select for your campaigns determine when your ads will show for certain search queries. Therefore, you should pick keywords very carefully and create a comprehensive keyword list. Although creating a comprehensive keyword list is a bit time consuming but you never compromise with the quality of keywords that you are going to choose for your keywords.

After creating a comprehensive keyword list, you should constantly refine it and expand your keyword list by adding long tail keywords or highly relevant keywords. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to keep adding the keywords. If you see that some of your keywords are not performing well, you can simply remove them from your keyword list.

(iii) Add Negative Keywords:

You can say that negative keywords are like a blessing for the PPC Campaigns. They act as a filter and filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted search queries. They prevent your ads from showing to the wrong people. They help you to regain control over your PPC Campaigns. To create a negative keyword list, you should identify all the keywords that you don’t want your ads to show up for and then add them to your negative keyword list. By filtering out all the irrelevant traffic, the negative keywords save your ad spend from being wasted. As the negative keywords only attract highly targeted traffic, they help in increasing your CTR which thereby improves your Quality Score and overall ROI.

(iv) Write Effective Ad Text:

The Ads are the first thing that interacts with your potential customers. Thus, in order to make your first impression is perfect, ensure to write a highly effective Ad Copy that not only attracts the visitors but also persuades them to take the desired conversion action.

To create a fascinating Ad Copy, you need to include at least one of your highly targeted keywords in the Ad Copy. To enhance your Ad Copy, you can also include attractive discounts and promotions if any. Make your Ad Copy unique and appealing and don’t forget to add a compelling Call-to-Action. Also to improve the performance of your Ad Copy, you should have a habit of constantly conducting A/B Testing for them.

Create different variations of the ads. Test them and then use the best performing one. To allow more qualified clicks to your ads, you can also add Ad Extensions. Avoid jargon and make your Ad Copy simple and to the point without beating around the bush.

(v) Use Ad Extensions:

The Ad Extensions provide extra benefits to your Ads. These extensions enhance your ads and also show additional information about your ads. By making your ads more relevant and highly prominent, these Ad Extensions contribute in increasing the CTR for your Ads. Moreover, it also improves your Quality Score. There are two types of Ad Extensions i.e. Manual Ad Extension and Automatic Ad Extension.

Manual Ad Extensions:
  • App Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions

Automatic Ad Extensions:
  • Consumer Rating Extensions
  • Previous Visit Extensions
  • Seller Rating Extensions
  • Dynamic Sitelink Extensions
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets

(vi) Optimize Your Bids:

To stay competitive and acquire the best results, you need to optimize your bids on a regular basis. The process of bid optimization basically varies from campaign to campaign. Before moving ahead with the bid optimization strategy, you should determine the best bidding strategy that is appropriate for your business. Again there are two kinds of bidding strategies available. One is Automated Bidding Strategy and the other is Manual Bidding Strategy.

With Automated Bidding Strategy, you get the ability to handle larger and complex accounts. It gives you the liberty to manage your bid accounts at the macro level.

The Manual Bidding Strategy, on the other hand, gives you the highest level of control and the ability to make swift changes. It gives you the opportunity to get very granular with the bids.

(vii) Identify and Monitor your Competitors:

There is a popular saying that says “Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer.” Although in the PPC space, you don’t have real enemies, you do have competitors.

To know about their marketing strategies and methods, you should keep a close eye on your competitors. See how their ads are appearing, what all keywords are they using and then plan your strategies accordingly. Do not create Ads that look similar to that of your competitors. Create original and compelling ads.

You should also conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s impression share, keywords, ads, landing pages, messages and offers.

(viii) Optimize your Landing Page:

Landing Pages are those conversion oriented pages where your visitors are directed after they click on your ads. Since the Landing Pages are the first step towards the conversion funnel, thus, it should be optimized regularly at all levels. The process of Landing Page Optimization includes creating well-designed landing pages for visitors and optimizing each element of the Landing Page to get more and more conversions.

To optimize your Landing Page, you should include a strong headline, user-friendly landing page form, concise and convincing content and a clear Call-to-Action. To increase your Landing Page conversions.

You can only get effective PPC Campaigns after a lot of continuous research and practice. When you have highly effective PPC Campaigns, your ROI will get improved, you will witness high CTR and Quality Score and your Cost per Click will also reduce. For this reason, creating effective campaigns becomes highly essential.

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