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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Creating a YouTube Channel - Very Quickly & Easily

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Firstly, create an account on Google (Gmail). For safety, turn on the two-step verification for Gmail account.

creating a youtube channel

After creating your Gmail account, open YouTube.com website.
After, entering into YouTube, log in with your Gmail account.

youtube channel

Go to the ” My Channel ” button.

Here, you can edit the description in the about section, Choose the Name of the channel, etc. Fill all the sections that are required.

1. Change Background of the YouTube account:

To do this you have to go to your channel. Then click on ” Add channel header “. If you already have a click on the pencil in the upper right corner and then on ” Edit channel header “.

Next, you just have to trim the image to your liking.

The recommended measures are as follows:

  • Width: 2560 pixels.
  • Height: 1440 pixels.
  • The maximum weight of the image can not exceed 4 MB .
  • Ideally, your background should be a dignified representation of your personal or corporate brand.
  • It should be an image with a high quality and not deformed.
  • The higher the quality of this, the better the image you transmit ( use the .png format ).

2. Change YouTube account image:

To change the image ( the photograph ) of your Youtube account, you must follow the same steps:

  • Go to your channel.
  • Click on the small pencil in the upper left corner, above the small box.
  • Now it will tell you that your icon is linked to your Google plus account and that the changes you make may take time to appear (blablabla …).
  • Click “Edit in Google +”.
  • Enter your photo or icon and go.

That's it - If you need any help regarding your YouTube Channel or YouTube Career, I’m always there for you.