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Friday, 15 September 2017

Google Adwords Billing Setup

How to Setup Billing in Adwords - Step-by-Step Guide

After you set up your account in Adwords, you’ll need to set up billing to get your ads running and your web marketing on its way to success. Follow these below steps:-

=> Click on Billing & Payments tab

adwords billing setup

  1.  Set your country location and currency.
  2.  Enter your business address. Click Continue.
  3. Make your billing selections and enter your billing information i.e Business details and primary contact information. Then Click Continue.
  4. Enter in your Credit card details. The ‘Automatic payments’ option will already be selected, which is perfect. This means whenever the balance runs low, Google will automatically take the specified amount from the credit card to keep your adverts running. Don’t worry, because we set up a daily spend limit as part of the advertising options
  5. Tick ‘Yes I agree to the terms and conditions’.
  6. Then Click Submit & Activate.